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08/22/11 - Work begun on sequel to Cluster.  Read about it here


12/03/10 - Meander videogame version added to videogames page


12/14/09 - Meander strategy card game added to board/card games page


12/01/09 - Award received for Nineball Solitaire


Nineball Solitaire has been given an 5 out of 5 stars and an editor's top software pick award from  The editors at downloadtube have also posted a review of Nineball Solitaire and created a video tutorial/demo.


"Nineball Solitaire - fun and intuitive version of the popular Solitaire game with a new billiards look."

      - Editor at


Here are some of the other awards games from Fast Eddie's software have received:


Nineball Solitaire:             Cluster:                               Cave Dudes            


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11/07/09 - Preview of Meander available on videogames page


10/06/09 - Nineball Solitaire is ready.  Check it out on the videogames page


07/30/09 - Preview of Nineball Solitaire available on videogames page


07/11/09 - Cave Dudes added to videogames page


07/06/09 - Nineball Solitaire added to board/card games page


06/27/09 - Mini Golf Solitaire added to videogames page


05/31/09 - Fast Eddie's Software wallpaper available here


05/26/09 - Preview of a new game 'Mini Golf Solitaire' added to videogames page.


05/19/09 - Liar's Dice added to videogames page


05/01/09 - Preview of a new game 'Liar's Dice' added to videogames page.


04/25/09 - Chameleon added to videogames page.


I've added a game I wrote a while ago called Chameleon to the videogames page.  It's a freeware strategy game inspired by the boardgame "Reversi".  Check it out.


04/24/09 - Sid Sackson's 'Bowling Solitaire' and 'Choice' added to Board/Card Games


04/22/09 - Yeah baby, Cluster is listed on


04/17/09 - Fast Eddie's software is live and online!


The site is definitely still under construction, but everything has to start somewhere.  Please check out my puzzle game "Cluster" on the Videogames page.  It's free, challenging, and fun.






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